808nm portable diode laser

According to the principle of selective light absorption; the use of hair follicles in the melanocytes in a specific band of light absorption of hair follicles to produce heat, and thus selectively damage the hair follicles, In the process of treatment, the system unique white stone dynamic cooling technology, so as to ensure that the epidermis will not be burned, to painless, to ensure that the skin can not be burned, Fast, permanent hair removal effect.

808nm diode laser hair removal treatment will be accomplished when destroying hair follicle unit by using thermal damage of laser fluent, thus inhibiting future hair regrowth by follicle. The widely optional pulse duration (20 to 1000ms) of 808nm diode laser system can produce thermal damage in hair matrix stem cells and ensure follicle destruction. In order to minimize the uncomfortable feeling of thermal damage to the surrounding tissues, an efficient skin-cooling system (sapphire contact cooling tip) was used to chill the skin before, during and after the whole treatment course.

Therefore, 808nm diode laser is more effective in treating dark skin.